Bluetooth Ericofon (Cobra) a revolutionary telephone from the 50's with technology of the 10's

Operation Instructions

Following are some basic instructions on how to operate your Ericofon and how to pair is to your mobile phone.

Turning your Ericofon On and Off

Starting with release 3.0, the Ericofon is fully operated using the rotary dial and the hook button (the big red button in the center of the rotary dial).

To turn your Ericofon on simply dial the number '1'. You will hear two soft ascending tones prompting that the phone is being turned on. After around 5 seconds you will hear another short beep tone prompting that the phone is ready to operate. If the phone has been previously paired to your mobile phone, the Ericofon will try to establish the connection with your cell phone. A short high tone beep will indicate that the Bluetooth connection was successful. If you hear a low pitch beep tone, it means that the phone couldn't connect to your mobile phone and that is ready for discovery/pairing.

To turn the Ericofon off simply disconnect or release the Bluetooth connection from your mobile phone. You will hear a short, soft, low pitch beep. After one minute the Ericofon will prompt a short, loud, low pitch beep tone warning that the phone will automatically turn off in 30 seconds. If you don't reconnect the Ericofon within 30 seconds two soft descending tones will prompt that the phone is turned off. This method avoids leaving the Ericofon on while your mobile phone is out of range, e.g. if you left the room.

Another way to turn the Ericofon off is by tapping the hook button ('hook-flash') five times. This will force to turn the Ericofon off.

eriopFirst Time Pairing to your Mobile Phone

Before you use your Bluetooth Ericofon for the first time you need to establish a relationship between it and your mobile phone. This is called 'pairing' the devices. Once the devices are paired you don't need to repeat this process again, unless you change your mobile phone or decide to connect to another mobile phone. The profiles get stored in your mobile phone and in the Bluetooth Ericofon until you delete the profile in your mobile phone. The process is simple. Please note that it may vary depending on the mobile phone manufacturer:

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth Ericofon. Wait around 8 seconds until it beeps three times (low-high tones, then high tone) and hang it up by placing it on a table. If you lift it up you will hear "busy tone" (intermittent beeps) indicating that the phone is not ready to dial, since it is not paired to your mobile phone.
  2. Go to your mobile phone's Bluetooth menu and select adding a new device. Follow the instructions on your mobile phone. Your phone will search for devices and will find a device "BT Ericofon". Pair with it.
  3. Your mobile phone may ask for a passkey or password. In such case type in "0000" (four zeros).
  4. Once the pairing is complete power-cycle your "BT Ericofon" by turning it off by tapping 5 times on the red button. Then turn it on by dialing "1" and wait a couple of seconds until it beeps.
  5. If the phone doesn't automatically connect to your phone within 10 seconds, select the "BT Ericofon 3.1" on your cell phone list and connect to it.
  6. Once your mobile phone connects to the Bluetooth Ericofon you will notice the distinguished Bluetooth connected logo in your mobile phone.
  7. Pick up your Bluetooth Ericofon. You should obtain now a dial one (steady tone) and you are ready to go!

The Bluetooth ID of your mobile phone will be stored in the Bluetooth Ericofon. Next time you turn the Ericofon on, it will try to automatically connect to your mobile phone.

Operation of the Bluetooth Ericofon

The Bluetooth Ericofon was designed with simplicity in mind. Its operation is very straight forward. Here a description on how to operate it.

Dial a Number

Lift up the Ericofon and you should hear a dial tone. Simply dial the number using the rotary dial. Dial the number as if you were dialing from your mobile phone (e.g. "408-555-1212"). The Ericofon will store the dialed number as you dial and will send it to your mobile phone approx. 3.5 seconds after you stop dialing. So, you don't have to rush, however, if you take too much time dialing your number, it will probably dial an incomplete number. You can always verify the dialed number on your mobile phone screen if you prefer. You don't need to dial the area code number if the destination number is in the same area code as your phone number.

Hanging up

Once you finished with your call just place the Ericofon on your table to hang up (or press and hold the big red button on the bottom).

Incoming Call

When you have an incoming call your Ericofon will ring mimicking the original Ericofon. To answer the call, just lift it up from the table and you are ready to talk.

It is possible that you get an incoming call when placing the telephone in your ear while checking for dial tone. Since the phone uses the ear piece as the ringer, it would be very unpleasant to have it ringing while it is close to your ear. A special feature provides soft ringing if the phone is off-hook. This feature is very useful in case you are listening to the dial tone prior making a phone call and having a call coming in at the same time. In this case, just place the Ericofon on a table (it will ring louder) and pick it up if you want to take the incoming call.


To redial the last called number pick up the Ericofon and while listening to the dial tone, 'hook-flash' twice the red button (tap twice on the red button). This feature saves time when dialing long numbers and not being able to reach the other party.

Speed Dial

If you 'hook-flash' three times during the dial tone, the phone will provide a second dial tone of a higher frequency. This new tone invites to dial a one-digit speed dial number. Any of the first ten speed dial numbers stored in your cell phone can be dialed. This feature will only work if your mobile phone supports this feature. Please check the Compatibility of your phone.

Voice Recognition

If you 'hook-flash' four times while obtaining dial tone, the phone activates the voice recognition feature on your cell phone. You may hear something like "Say a Command", to which you can respond "Call Tom Mobile". Your mobile phone will call that stored phone number. Please note that not all mobile phones support this feature and may vary from phone to phone.

This feature has a very neat bonus: it can control your iPhone via voice commands. You can say "Call <contact name|phone number>" or "What time is it" or control your MP3 player and the iPhone will respond to your commands. The voice recognition feature depends on your mobile phone capabilities, so please check the Compatibility of this feature with your phone.

Inward Dialing using DTMF tones

Checking voice mails, dialing into company's menus or extension numbers requires dialing numbers using dual tone multi frequency, or DTMF. The telephone automatically recognizes when a call is established and enables the rotary dial to generate DTMF, if needed. Just dial the digits and it will send the corresponding DTMF tone. if you need to send the star key '*', hook-flash once, or hook-flash twice for the pound key '#'.

Text Message Notification

Your Ericofon may notify you with a short beep when a new text message arrives to your cell phone. This feature feature depends on your mobile phone capabilities, so please check the Compatibility of this feature with your phone.