Bluetooth Ericofon (Cobra) a revolutionary telephone from the 50's with technology of the 10's


The Bluetooth Ericofon offers following features:ericofeatures

  • Dial tone
  • Rotary Dial
  • Busy Tone
  • Redial
  • Speed Dial *
  • Inward Dialing (using DTMF tones, including '*' and '#')
  • Voice Recognition Dial *
  • Text Message Notification *
  • Ericotone Ring
  • Soft Ring
  • Automatic Bluetooth Connection

Dial Tone

The telephone provides dial tone (continuous tone) when it is connected to the cell phone and is ready to accept a phone number. Just dial as you would dial from your cell phone (e.g. "408-555-1212")

Rotary Dial

The most inviting feature is using the rotary dial. For those, who never used a rotary dial before (or for some of us that may have already forgotten it), just place your finger in the hole corresponding to the digit you want to dial and crank up the dial to the right until it stops. Then, release it and enjoy seeing it dialing. Just keep dialing until you dial the full number you want to reach.

Busy Tone

Contrary to cell phones, this telephone provides busy tone when the call drops or when the other party ends the call. It also provides busy tone when there is no Bluetooth connection to the host cell phone.


By doing 'hook-flash' twice while obtaining dial tone, you can redial the last number called. This feature saves time when dialing long numbers and not being able to talk to the other party.

Speed Dial *

If you 'hook-flash' three times during the dial tone, the phone will provide a second dial tone of a higher frequency. This new tone invites to dial a one-digit speed dial number. Any of the first ten speed dial numbers stored in your cell phone can be dialed. This feature depends on the host cell phone, so please check the Compatibility of your phone.

Inward Dialing

Checking voice mails, dialing into company's menus or extension numbers requires dialing numbers using dual tone multi frequency, or DTMF. The telephone automatically recognizes when a call is established and enables the rotary dial to generate DTMF, if needed. Just dial the digits and it will send the corresponding DTMF tone. if you need to send the star key '*', hook-flash once, or hook-flash twice for the pound key '#'.  Clever.

Voice Recognition Dialing *

By doing 'hook-flash' four times while obtaining dial tone, the phone activates the voice recognition feature on your cell phone. You may hear something like "Say a Command", to which you can respond "Call Tom Mobile". The host cell phone will call that stored phone number.

This feature has a very neat bonus: it can control your iPhone via voice commands. You can say "Call <contact name|phone number>" or "What time is it" or control your MP3 player and the iPhone will respond to your commands. The voice recognition feature depends on the host cell phone, so please check the Compatibility of this feature with your phone.

Text Message Notification *

If your phone is on-hook, sitting on your table, and a text message arrives to your cell phone, it will shortly beep once, notifying you about a new message. This feature depends on the host cell phone, so please check the Compatibility of your phone.

Ericotone Ring

When receiving a call, the phone will mimic the original chirping ring tone of the Ericofon's Ericotone.

Soft Ring

It is possible that you get an incoming call when placing the telephone in your ear while checking for dial tone. Since the phone uses the ear piece as the ringer, it would be very unpleasant to have it ringing while it is close to your ear. The "Soft Ring" feature creates a soft ring when you receive an incoming call and the phone is not sitting on the table.

Automatic Bluetooth Connection

When the telephone is turned on, it will automatically try to reconnect to the host cell phone, to which it was last connected.

* Note: Some features may not work on all cell phones. Please check Compatibility to see what features are not present in your cell phone.


Reduction in Cell Phone Radiation

Exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation with cell phones has been a growing concern. Even while you are not using your cell phone, it constantly communicates with adjacent cell towers, permanently exposing you to harmful RF.

The most important benefit of this Bluetooth Ericofon is that you minimize RF exposure all the time. You don't have to carry your cell phone anymore in your belt or pocket, close to vital organs, or hold it next to your head while talking. Instead, keep it inside your carry-on bag, computer bag or purse somewhere close to you and use it only when you need it.

Bluetooth RF power is only a fraction of cell phone RF, and the specially designed electronics inside this Ericofon keeps the Bluetooth antenna more than 10 times far away from your ear than conventional Bluetooth earpieces, reducing RF exposure further more.

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