Bluetooth Ericofon (Cobra) a revolutionary telephone from the 50's with technology of the 10's

Hello, without the Wire

Ericofon Phone icon was given a new Life with Bluetooth Wireless Technology
(Jarmo Toivanen, Helsingin Sanomat, October 19, 2011 - Translation)

In the 1980s I purchased this fine design object and I paid the rent every month. It stood on the nightstand. I was expecting, for someone to play in. At some point I got tired of it and return it. It didn’t seem to be very practical, probably annoying. Then I didn’t realize how wonderful this object was.

This is of course the Ericofon (Cobra) phone, which later became a prestigious design object. It was manufactured from the mid 50’s until 1982.Original phones are still for sale, especially online auction site. It can also be found online in Ericofon-specially maintained pages. There are also copies, which are similar to the original model.

There are not many places these days where you can use an Ericofon. Sure the device is a beautiful object itself, but if you acquire a Bluetooth Ericofon developed by Santiago Quijano it can be a really great handset that can be used again.

This is an authentic and original Ericofon. The inside has new electronics that allows establishing a connection via Bluetooth to a mobile phone. Your mobile phone and the Ericofon now become a couple and you can call home in style.

The best part is that the rotary dial really works. In addition this Ericofon can redial the last number or call a friend when stating his name using voice recognition dial.

All parts on the phone are original parts including its shell. This Ericofon is suitable for every home – there are at least 10 colors. The battery charger jack is neatly hidden in the original opening where the connection cable used to go.

Because Santiago Quijano handcrafts original Ericofon telephones, the nostalgia doesn’t come inexpensive. An Ericofon phone ordered to Finland can be around 300 Euros. I ordered a phone and the device works and raises delights. Using its rotary dial to dial numbers belongs to a familiar, nostalgic memory. Even remembering telephone numbers.

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Man from California Rescued the Ericofon

The Bluetooth Ericofon father, a Colombian-American named Santiago Quijano, was concerned because the landline phones are disappearing in the world and threatening to leave these fine machines obsolete. He initially began the idea of developing a small accessory to connect fixed-line telephones to mobile phones.

He modified his idea and developed small electronics to later install it inside an Ericofon. Quijano contacted a collector, Richard Rose, who reconditions original Ericofon telephones. Rose had ruled out the idea of ​​adding any electronic device inside an Ericofon, because the handset is so fully packed. "Regardless, Richard sent me one Ericofon to test the idea, "said Quijano via e-mail. Quijano made ​​a Bluetooth prototype in one month. Rose couldn’t believe that Quijano was successful achieving this, making him the inventor of the first Bluetooth Ericofon.

The next day, according to Quijano, he took the Swedish Ericofon took a Swedish friend's party. "It became the main attraction of the party and my phone attracted the attention of many people, specially women that wanted to try the Ericofon by calling their mobile phone." "The best part was the side effect of collecting their mobile phone numbers, "Quijano recalls.

Originally, his Bluetooth Ericofon was intended for personal use only, but he noticed people's interest in the phone and he decided to take it as a hobby and sell handmade Ericofons. Quijano works for a company that manufactures sophisticated, very accurate atomic clocks and synchronization equipment mostly used in telecommunications companies. "Phones and technology interested me very much as a child. My father was a telecommunication and television technology pioneer my native country, Colombia.”